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Sara Randle, Owner


With over  years experience, Sara can create the best coffee or non coffee drink you've ever had, regardless of how exotic your tastes. Her outgoing personality will win you over immediately. And she has a knack for remembering your usual drinks.


Stop in today and get to know her personally.

Jo Anna Williams, Barista



Robin Grace Randle, Barista


Owner, Sara Randle's, daughter. Our youngest barista for Coffee Xpresso. The junios loves helping out, making drinks, and meeting all the people that come through.

Tristan Morton, Barista

Alex Rull, Barista

Caitlin Magnuson, Barista


Our newest barista to join the coffee xpresso team. Shes a fun and energetic worker with a great personality. A great addition to the team! Come in a get to know her!